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A land to discover

A few kilometers from the fascinating and suggestive city of Matera rises Tenuta Danesi. Its proximity to the renowned Sassi as well as to the famous Jesci masseria and its archaeological excavations, immerse the Tenuta Danesi in the typical Matera landscapes.

Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

Visit Matera

Known as the "City of the Stones" and "Underground City", it is known for the historic Sassi (stones) districts, which make Matera one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The Sassi were recognized on December 9th, 1993 World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the first site of Southern Italy to receive this recognition.

  • Sassi of Matera
  • Religious Architectures
  • Tramontano Castle
  • Archaeological Site
  • Natural Areas
  • City Parks
City of DOP bread

Visit Altamura

Here DOP bread is produced, typical in its form. The main monument is the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta; in addition, the Man of Altamura, integral skeleton of Homo neanderthalensis, and cava of the dinosaurs, deposit dating back to the Cretaceous with dinosaur footprints.

  • Cathedral
  • The Claustri
  • Cava of the dinosaurs
  • The Man of Altamura
  • Megalithic Walls and mounds
  • Pulo of Altamura
  • National archaeologic museum of Altamura
The City of The Water and The Stone

Visit Gravina in Puglia

Part of the city extends on the banks of a deep crevasse, very similar to the canyons, dug into the calcareous rock by the Gravina stream, a tributary of the Bradano, from which the famous Murgia ravines take their name, in an area characterized by the presence of numerous karst cavities, like the Pulicchio di Gravina.

  • Underground Gravina
  • Libraries
  • Ettore Pomarici Santomasi Museum
  • Svevo Castel
  • Difesa Grande Wood
  • Robinson Park
  • San Giorgio Fair
  • Cathedral
Seaside Location

Visit Castellaneta Marina

It consists almost exclusively of villas, and has a purely tourist function. There are hotels and tourist villages with bathing facilities, free beaches and discos.

  • Boulevard of the Pini
  • Kennedy Square
  • Boardwalk of the Sea Heroes
  • Beaches and discos
City of Trulli

Visit Alberobello

Famous for its characteristic houses called Trulli that, from 6 December 1996, are UNESCO World Heritage Site is part of the Valle d'Itria and the Murgia dei Trulli.

  • Trulli
  • Santi Medici Basilica
  • Sant’Antonio Church